The organisers

Director: Antoni Furió (Professor of Medieval History)

Dr. Antoni Furió i Diego is professor of medieval history at the Universitat of València since 2005. His long career has been built on a deep analysis of the late medieval Valencian countryside from the viewpoint of economic and social history, wherein discussion and perspectives from international scholarship has been incorporated thanks to his permanent contact with British, French, Italian and Dutch universities. His research has addressed the study of taxation, rural elites and, more recently, the study of rural consumption and the development of markets -such as those of credit and land-  during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Please, click here to check some of his key publications.



Secretary: Luis Almenar (PhD Candidate in Geography and History)

Luis Almenar Fernández is a first-year PhD student at the Universitat de València, formerly MPhil in Medieval History at Cambridge University (Girton College). His ongoing thesis explores the material peasant reality from the viewpoint of tableware consumption -i.e. those items concerned with storing, processing or serving food- and what these objects can tell us about a presumable increase in living standards in post-plague Valencia and England through a comparative analysis of both written and archaeological sources.


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